Sangkyung Lee


Academic Background

1979-1983 Bachelor of Music(Piano) at Yeungnam University

1984-1987 Master of Music Pedagogy at Ewha Womans University

1991-1995 Master of Music(Organ) at Yonsei University

1997-1999 Diplom of Music(Organ) at Utrecht Conservatory, Netherlands


Major activities

1994 Beginning of House Concert

2003 Opening of House Concert Hall “Space-U”

2007 A professional arts organization designated by the city of Daegu.

Hosted by the 1st National Pipe Organ Concourse with the Korean Music Association Daegu.

2007 For the first time in Daegu, Space-U had plan Early music Festival to

'Classic Of Classic'

2009 Summer Festival 2009 “My beloved Mozart(내가 사랑하는 모차르트)” Planing and Hosting.

2010 Summer Festival In Daegu 2010 "jolly Bach(유쾌한 바흐)“ Planing and Hosting.

2011 Summer Festival In Daegu 2011 "a musical trip to Russia(러시아로 가는 음악여행)” Hosting.

Creative Arts Experience Project “Tuesday with John/from Bach to the Beatles“
요한과 함께한 화요일/바흐에서 비틀즈까지) Planing.

2012 Summer Festival In Daegu 2012 "The Donau flow to city of Daegu. (대구, 도나우가 흐르다)“
Planning and Hosting

2013 Summer Festival In Daegu 2013 "German Music, Walk like a Catwalks(독일음악, 수작걸다)“ Planning and Hosting

2014 Summer Festival In Daegu 2014 "Ciao?! Italia(챠오?! 이딸리아)” Planning and Hosting

2015 Austrian Salzburg Festival Invited organ solo concert

2015 World Tree Exposition Bamboo Pipe organ regular performance

2015 7th Music Festival In Deagu 2015 “Daegu to stand in Spanish Square(대구, 스페인 광장에 서다)”

Planning and Hosting

2016 8th Summer Festival In Daegu 2016 “Cast a spell on Paris! (빠리에게 마법을 걸다!)”

Planning and Hosting

2017 9th Summer Festival In Daegu 2017 “From Sanghwa to Silk Road(상화로에서 실크로드까지)”

Planning and Hosting

2017 Art Director of the 36th Daegu Music Festival "Daegu Music, Worlds"

2017 Judge of the 15th Daegu International Opera Festival

2018 10th Summer Festival In Daegu 2018 “Pomp and Circumstance, meet England!

(위풍당당, 영국을 만나다!)” Planing and Hosting

2018 Art director of the 37th Daegu Music Festival, "Daegu, Goes to Song(대구, 노래로 통하다)"

2018 A member of the happiness vision committee of Suseong-gu, Daegu.(Health⦁Environment)

2018-2019 A member of the Daegu Cultural magazine Editing Committee.

2019 Executive Advisory Committee on Laughing Face Art Center (Vice-Chairman)

2019-2020 UNESCO Music City Advisory Board

2019 Administrative Audit Committee of SungMyeong Women's Middle School

The Present, chairman of a professional arts organization 'Space U’

Vice-Chairman of the Daegu Music Association,

Association of Korean Culture and Arts Organizations, Daegu Director


Award Certificate

2011 Daegu Culture & Arts Education Foundation's Appreciation of Talent Donation Project

2011 Thank you for visiting Daegu National Military Hospital

2012 A talent donation for KIGEPE(Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education)

2012 Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Registers for Women's Human Resources

in the 21st Century

2013 2012 Korean Music a merit Awards

2014 The first Asia-Pacific Stevie Award - Women's Management of the Year Silver Award

2014 The first Asia-Pacific Stevie Award - New Consumer Products Sector Silver Award

(Summer Festival in Daegu 2013 'German Music, Walk like a Catwalks')

2014 The first Asia-Pacific Stevie Award - New Consumer Products Sector Silver Award

(Summer Festival in Daegu 2014 'Ciao?! Italia')

2018 2017 Korean Music Awards from the Korean Music Association